Without Clients You Have No Business!

Discover 25 ‘Quick Fix’ Strategies To Continuously Get And Keep New Clients!

Never Waste Time Searching For New Clients Again!

Do you find yourself spending way too much time trying to find new clients for your business?

Are the clients you're attracting less than ideal and are causing you to waste even more valuable time?

Are you wasting even more time dealing with manual customer tracking or complicated billing?

Every small business owner and entrepreneur can relate to these struggles. No matter how long you’ve been in business, attracting and retaining new customers is a tough job.

It’s very easy to get stuck spending the majority of your time searching for more business. You spend hours upon hours prospecting, creating proposal after proposal to earn new clients. Then when you finally sign the contract and get the work, you find that your new clients are very difficult to work with, or worse -- a poor fit for the services you offer. You do your very best to hold their hand through the entire project anyway, then once you reach the finish line, collecting your payment is like pulling teeth from a hungry lion!

It doesn’t have to be this way. There are a few strategies and systems you can put to work right now that will attract the right clients, create instant project alignment, allow you to control the engagement with the client and ensure that they pay you on time and even refer you to your next ideal client.

Take control of your business

The Ultimate Consultant’s Toolkit is a 47-page guide packed full of proven systems and strategies that will absolutely transform and simplify the way you run your business.
The lessons in The Ultimate Consultant’s Toolkit are broken down into steps that are easy to follow and repeat with templates you can immediately put to work in your business and see results from your very next client.

The Ultimate Consultant's Toolkit Will Show You How To:

  • Write a Unique Positioning Statement to guide all your marketing and communication tasks so you don’t waste time attracting clients outside of your target market.
  • Create a powerful guarantee to back up your promise of incredible service and value so you don't lose out on any business because of potential customer hesitations.
  • Set realistic deadlines and expectations whenever you have to outsource work so you always receive highest quality work within the agreed upon time-frame.
  • Create a billing system based off your contracts so your invoicing and bookkeeping will easy from month to month.
  • Structure your customer contracts so you can avoid missed or late payments that will slow down or stop your projects.
  • Choose from the best and most affordable tools for entrepreneurs so you always see a high return on your investment in using technology.
  • Create a contract for your customer that’s clear and firm so you can protect your business and maximize profitability.
  • Create a pricing structure based on the value of your time so you can avoid over working and get paid what you deserve for the actual time it takes to do the work.
  • Construct knowledge-based flat fees for your customer projects so that you can work as efficiently as possible.
  • Create a straightforward project delivery schedule so you can easily manage your clients’ expectations and meet them from day one.
  • Clearly define your terms and conditions with independent contractors so your proprietary information and intellectual property is always protected.

What Would It Mean To Your Business Over The Next 12 Months If You Could Find All The Right Customers?

The easy, ready to use templates and examples provided in The Ultimate Consultant's Toolkit will save you countless hours of work. Though the insight you’ll receive on taking your business to the next level is priceless, you can get it immediately for just 7 bucks.

That’s right, only $7. This price really makes no sense for the value.

Although it’s worth far more than just $7.00, The Ultimate Consultant’s Toolkit is available for you at this special low price because it’s created especially for everyday entrepreneurs just like you who work hard every day to build your small business.

If You’re Thinking “$7 Seems Cheap… There Has To Be A Catch Of Some Kind?” These 3 Reasons Should Put Your Mind At Ease:

1. $7 puts this incredibly valuable information within everyone’s reach… from the everyday entrepreneurs struggling to get some traction to even experienced Pros. (And at $7, everyone that can benefit from this without hesitation.)

2. It eliminates the ‘tire kickers’. Our primary audience are the everyday entrepreneurs who are serious about starting and growing their businesses and from experience we know charging anything… even if it’s just a few bucks… takes away 99% of the time wasters.

3. In testing we found that charging $7 for a short, fluff free, 'take action right now' report generated the best ‘I feel good about it’ response from our buyers and is the best way for us to introduce new serious entrepreneurs to what we are all about.

In fact, we’re so confident that we’ll make this even easier for you to benefit from by letting you check it out for FREE. Get the guide today risk-free, and we’ll give you 7 days to look it over and decide for yourself if it’s worth the $7 bucks. If you don’t love it, just shoot us an email, and we’ll get you a refund, no questions asked. You can even keep the guide with our compliments.

Inside The Ultimate Consultant's Toolkit You'll Find:

  • 1.Proven ways to generate a highly specific and unique positioning statement that will define the way your clients view your services.
  • 2. A formula to create a unique positioning statement that acts like a compass for your entire business.
  • 3. An easy to follow example of a client contract that incorporates billing, delivery and monthly phases.
  • 4. A simple and easy method for crafting the perfect guarantee.
  • 5. A strategy on how to effectively use guarantees in your marketing to put clients at ease.
  • 6. A questionnaire that will help you quantify the real value of your time.
  • 7. A simple method to help you calculate your total fee using the rule of thirds.
  • 8. A strategy on how to set fees that accurately reflect the value your business provides to your clients.
  • 9. A method you can use to calculate a flat fee based on the time and resources you’ll use to finish a client’s project.
  • 10. Suggested terms and conditions for your client to agree to that will minimize your overall risk.
  • 11. A template you can use to manage expectations.
  • 12. How to manage projects to meet set deadlines each and every time.
  • 13. Simple billing tactics to make your monthly invoicing process a smooth and predictable.
  • 14. Proven ways to make sure your customers pay you promptly for your services.
  • 15. Strategies that will protect you from a client's failure to pay for your services.
  • 16. Ideas on how to charge a retainer that will protect your interests.
  • 17. Direction on working with independent contractors to get the best quality work done on-schedule.
  • 18. An indept directory of the best online tools, apps and software, curated just for consultants.
  • 19. Simple straightforward examples of powerful and unique positioning statements you can model your after.
  • 20. Advice on how to align your marketing efforts with seamlessly with your unique positioning statement.
  • 21. Ways to segment different client types within your target market.
  • 22. Tips on how to create delivery schedules for your independent contractors.
  • 23. Ways to successfully incorporate technology throughout your business for higher efficiency.
  • 24. A clear comparison of the benefits you get from charging a flat fee instead of an hourly rate.
  • 25. Tips for developing and sticking to the scope of your project.

Don't continue to waste countless hours prospecting for new business only to end up with clients that seem to think you're only in business to give away your services for free.

We know once you put these strategies into practice and see the results for yourself, you’ll want more and perhaps… you’ll come back, buy more reports and possibly even recommend us to other entrepreneurs. There are no hidden back end offers, no ‘part 2’ you'll need to buy to make any of this work, just the information you need in an easy to understand format that delivers results.
P.S. - The Ultimate Consultant’s Toolkit is the best $7 investment you’ll ever make for your agency’s growth. Don’t wait any longer to multiply your value to your clients and make your vision for your business into a reality.
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